First ASSEMBLE workshop - on-site access, new date!

We would like to welcome administrative and technical personnel working at the ASSEMBLE sites, as well as other marine centers, to a workshop on the different aspects of work associated with hosting guest scientists (= on-site access).

Location: the Lovén Centre (Kristineberg + Tjärnö), University of Gothenburg, Sweden (

Timing: 22-26 of March, 2010 (travelling on the MOnday and Friday)

Costs: 2 ASSEMBLE participants per site pay travel only, additional ASSEMBLE participants  and non-ASSEMBLE participants pay also for meals and accommodation.

Registration: send email to Bengt Lundve ( before March 8, 2010.

Preliminary programme:

Monday: Travel to Tjärnö


  • Introductions
  • PPT presentation of each marine station (facilities, resources, operational procedures and lot of pictures!)
  • Short presentation of each participant
  • Tour of the Tjärnö facilities
  • Discussions in breakout groups (Administrators, Technicians, Boat crew, Sampling/culturing). Identify routines:

1.       that we do in similar ways,
2.       that we do in different ways and perhaps should stay that way for local reasons.
3.       that we do in different ways but for which we should try to find common ways to do in the future.


  • Visit at aquaria
  • Travel to Kristineberg
  • Boat trip
  • Tour of the Kristineberg facilities


  • Discussions in breakout groups, cont.
  • Presentation of the result from group discussions
  • Preparation of draft Best Practice Guidelines (description of the routines that the workshop has decided should be standardized)

Friday: Travel back