Improving the provision of cultures of marine protists and cell lines of marine animals


(1) to provide quality, species-level taxonomic information for public-domain CC holdings;

(2) to develop reliable, technologically feasible, cost-effective means of verifying strain identity;

(3) to develop cryopreservation protocols to maintain live strains as well as cell lines of selected tissues and organisms in genetic and physiological inertia;

(4) to refine isolation protocols and develop new culture media to facilitate increase in taxonomic coverage of culture collection holdings;

(5) to catalogue expression markers for identifying cell cultures and cell lines in fish, Amphioxus, Ciona, echinoderms and molluscs.

(6) to establish and/or test methodologies for cell isolation, dissociation, propagation and storage of cells and cell lines in fish, Amphioxus, Ciona, echinoderms and molluscs;

(7) to develop and test methodologies for transfection of cell culture/lines of selected tissues/organisms.

Work package participants:

The Lovén Centre, Kristineberg & Tjärnö

SAMS, Oban

SBR, Roscoff

OOB, Banyuls

SZN, Naples


IUI, Eilat

Work package leaders:

Leonor Cancela, CCMAR, Faro,

Wiebe Kooistra, SZN, Naples,