Improving the provision of whole, multicellular organisms

This work package aims to improve protocols and facilities for the provision of key marine animal, macroalgal and plant models, with emphasis on organisms classified, or soon to be classified, as genomic models.


(1) to improve techniques for containment during on-site holding, breeding and culture for selected model organisms;

(2) to optimise protocols for inter-laboratory distribution of organisms;

(3) to develop or improve protocols for ex situ holding, breeding and culture of a panel of multicellular marine model organisms;

(4) to develop methods for establishing genetically defined resources. 

Work package participants:

The Lovén Centre, Kristineberg & Tjärnö

SAMS, Oban

SBR, Roscoff

OOB, Banyuls

SZN, Naples


IUI, Eilat

ECIM, Las Cruces

Work package leaders:

Mark Cock, SB-Roscoff,

Euan Brown, SZN, Naples,