Offering access to marine infrastructure

ASSEMBLE partners are developing an integrated infrastructure to optimize the possibilities for European research groups to excel in research on marine ecosystems and marine biological models using the most advanced approaches in modern biology. On-site and remote access is available for marine research projects based on or related to marine organisms.


The 9th ASSEMBLE CALL for applications for on-site access is closed. Call 9 was the last call for on-site access as the ASSEMBLE project is ending in October 2014. Future calls will be launched within the framework of EMBRC – European Marine Biological Research Centre ( The number of projects to be accommodated within call 9 will depend on the remaining budget in the project. 

Remote access (shipment) of marine models and algal culture collections can be applied for all year around. The call for remote access will close in August 2014.

See Calls and Selection for more information and to apply for remote access.


  • User groups with the user group leader and the majority of the users working in EU Member States or Associated States can apply and only to ASSEMBLE sites outside their own country.
  • The user group leader (= the main applicant) is the person responsible for the project and should at least have a PhD degree. The users accessing the ASSEMBLE site to execute the project should be experienced and independent enough to accomplish this with only standard support (not training) needed from the local staff.
  • Applicants working outside Europe (i.e. outside EU Member states and Associated states) can be funded. However, they cannot be the user group leader and have to be in minority (less than 50%) of the user group applying for the Access project.
  • New users and users from outside the ASSEMBLE network are prioritized as are users moving from a non-marine area into the marine field.
  • The proposed project can involve local scientists as long as the main applicant clearly owns the Access project and the Access project is not part of, or is a development of, a local project. Local scientists should not be part of the application (cannot be funded anyway) but can be named as contact.
  • Proposed projects that to some extent include local scientists are most welcome but will have lower priority than independent projects.
  • For marine research projects based on or related to marine organisms.
  • Projects using local ecosystems, species or models will have higher priority than projects bringing their own (marine only) samples.

 SeeAccess rulesfor additional information.


Applications for access to marine infrastructure for the conduct of discrete research projects (not simply for training, workshops or outreach activities).

Each ASSEMBLE infrastructure site offers access to a wide range of installations such as general laboratories, state-of-the-art experimental facilities, technological platforms, research vessels, and a wide variety of marine organisms (either on-site or by shipment). An overview of each ASSEMBLE infrastructure site and the installations offered for access can be obtained at The infrastructure sites.

For on-site access ASSEMBLE can fund up to an overall total of 60 person days spread across 1-3 users (main applicant always included). For IUI (Eilat) such support is limited to 1 or 2 users for up to 30 person days per user. For all sites requests for additional self-supported project members will be considered.

  • The project period needs to take place within the call designated 6-month period.
  • On-site access will be provided free of charge, including the logistical, technological, and scientific support as well as any specific training that is normally provided to external researchers using the infrastructure. Please note that ASSEMBLE does not fund your actual research, thus most chemicals/consumables would be at your own expense.
  • Travel costs (economy tickets, reimbursed only after the visit) and accommodation costs at fixed rates will be covered for up to 3 users per group.

For remote access ASSEMBLE can fund shipments up to a value of €5000, as well as additional shipment costs of max €5000.


Information about the infrastructure sites and what installations each site offers access to can be found (i) at The infrastructure sites; (ii) at respective institute´s web page (iii) as by contacting the site directly to resolve more detailed questions and/or to discuss the viability, relevance and feasibility of a proposed research visit.

To apply you need to create a user account, fill in the application form and submit your application (before deadline for on-site access); go to On-line application system to start the process.