Service and technique based workshops

Five workshops will be held during the course of the project. The topics for each workshop have already been agreed upon but the specific training needs for each subject will be surveyed and transmitted to the WP leader.

The first workshops will focus on improvement of the provision of services:

The workshops are intended primerely for the technical staff responsible for the day-to-day operation of the infrastructures and provision of services at each partner institute. The workshops will also deal with techniques associated with improvement of the provision of services and be focused towards the goals set by the research activities of ASSEMBLE, with strong emphasis on techniques that are transversal to the three research projects. The workshops will involve knowledge and technology transfer through a combination of theory overviews, R & D presentations from different participants and 'hands-on' training sessions.

Workshops will be open to participants from inside and outside the network and announced widely.

Please note that since the project is finished, there will be no more workshops organised through ASSEMBLE.