The largest genomes ever seen in a virus

Cover page of Science magazine

2013 09 06 Pandoraviruses

Pandoraviruses, the next largest viruses known to date.

This publication just came after an Assemble trip to Chile made by researcher Jean-Michel Claverie. The team has described two new viruses with the largest genomes ever seen in a virus. Most of their genes don't look like any genes in known databases, suggesting the viruses originated from a totally different primitive cellular lineage than bacteria, archaea, and eukarya!

Pandoraviruses: Amoeba Viruses with Genomes Up to 2.5 Mb Reaching That of Parasitic Eukaryotes

  • Nadège Philippe,
  • Matthieu Legendre,
  • Gabriel Doutre,
  • Yohann Couté,
  • Olivier Poirot,
  • Magali Lescot,
  • Defne Arslan,
  • Virginie Seltzer,
  • Lionel Bertaux,
  • Christophe Bruley,
  • Jérome Garin,
  • Jean-Michel Claverie,
  • and Chantal Abergel

Science 19 July 2013: 281-286.