The Project Implementation Committee

The PIC is the main decision-making and organisational body of the ASSEMBLE management structure.

It is chaired by the principal coordinator and consists of all WP leaders (TA leaders and the JRA and NA Work Package leaders), as well as two appointed external advisors. Decisions are taken on project implementation from an organisational point of view, with a particular focus on administrative /legal /financial aspects. The PIC also presides over scientific and technical aspects of the project in order to ensure the achievement of the work plan in due time. PIC meetings are held twice a year, of which one is by videoconference.

The ASSEMBLE work packages and work package leaders, i.e. the PIC members:

WP1, Management - Hjelm & Thorndyke (Loven Centre)

WP2, Networking 1 - Hjelm (Loven Centre)

WP3, Networking 2 - Probert (Roscoff)

WP4, TA Loven Centre - Thorndyke/Andersson

WP5, TA SAMS - Day

WP6, TA CNRS, Roscoff - Kloareg/Probert

WP7, TA CNRS, Banyuls - Lebaron/Geneviere

WP8, TA SZN - Fiorito

WP9, TA CCMAR- Canario

WP10, TA IUI - Berkowicz

WP11, TA ECIM-PUC - Correa/Faugeron

WP13, JRA 1 - Cock (Roscoff)/Fiorito(SZN)

WP14, JRA 2 - Cancela (CCMAR)/Sarno (SZN)

WP15, JRA 3 - Bouget (Banyuls)/ Reinhardt (MPI)